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Welcome to Movie Gifs Net. Your number one source for premium quality movie gifs. Hey all. I have not updated the site in well over a year now. To be perfectly honest, I have been very lazy, and can't be bothered. But I have started back today with a very small update. See below. More to come shortly. Thanks for visiting.
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300: Rise Of An Empire (2014)
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The above gif is rated MA (mature viewers)

Greek general Themistocles battles against massive invading Persian forces led by mortal-turned-god Xerxes, and Artemisia, vengeful commander of the Persian navy.
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29th April 2012
The Junk Gifs page has been updated with 13 God Of War 3 opening cinematic animations. These were part of a huge unfinished set. Click here to see them.

19th April 2012
I've decided to dedicate a page just for movie Slideshows. These are essentially just a sequence of stills from movie trailers for the most-part. Click here to see them.

10th April 2012
A few updates today. 3 new tags in Signatures. Six new gifs in Assorted Gifs. Three new gifs in Custom Gifs. Three new JoBlo Avatars. Two new gifs in the Sexy page.

5th April 2012
I've just uploaded a set of 10 big animations from Ice Age 4. Featuring Scrat, who is my no #1 favorite animated character of all time. To see him in action, click here.

25th March 2012
I've just uploaded a set of Kung Fu Panda gifs which can be found here. It seems that fat lazy pandas and crazy martial arts do mix well together. I really enjoyed this film.

16th March 2012
After 2 years I finally decided to update the main menu. Far too many text links before. You can check out the last menu below. It's a big improvement. It will do.

4th March 2012
Double the D's, and twice the terror. This year's Piranha 3DD has it all I guess. But most importantly, the boobs. You can bounce on over to here to see these new gifs.

12th February 2012
I'm not impressed by The 3 Stooges remake. What an insult to the original. But I made a handful of gifs from this new film anyways. Subject yourself to them here.

3rd February 2012
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22nd January 2012
The Avengers is my 3rd most anticipated movie this year after Prometheus and The Dark Knight Rises. Feel free to checkout the first set of Avengers animations here.

1st January 2012
First set of gifs for the new year are a mixed selection. I've added a new page for weekly Assorted Animations. You can view the first batch of 17 various gifs here.

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