28th December 2011
The new Alien related film Prometheus by Sir Ridley Scott is one of my most anticipated movies for next year. The very first set of gifs can be found here.

27th October 2011
The below 4 images clearly illustrate the slow but progressive changes, and gradual improvement in both appearance and functionality of Movie Gifs Net since late 2009.


2010 (early)

2010 (late)


17th October 2011
John Carpenter's 1982 cult horror movie classic The Thing was awesome. The 2011 prequel to his film of The Thing is almost upon us. Scope out scenes from it here.

7th October 2011
Star Nicolas Cage returns as Johnny Blaze in the new movie Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance. You can check out this new set of 12 red hot gif animations here. Enjoy.

27th September 2011
The new animated film Pirates: A Band Of Misfits looks absolutely hilarious. Here's a preview of the film with some new gif animations. To me it looks better than POTC.

17th September 2011
I've added a new page for animated movie slide-show gifs. I love movie posters, so creating their own page is a must for this site. See the start of the collection here.

7th September 2011
I've uploaded some Vampires Suck gifs. Vampires are cool, but this flick isn't. God alone knows why I made any. Feel free to degrade yourself by viewing them here.

27th August 2011
We want your movie gifs! If you would like to Submit some of your work for display on Movie Gifs Net. Then please Contact me. All submitted work will not be stolen.

17th August 2011
The second of four large avatar updates. These new avatars include a wide variety of movies from Elektra Luxx through to Ghost Rider. You may view them all here.

7th August 2011
The Tiny Gifs section gets some attention this week with 12 gifs from the movie Jaws. You can view this bite sized set by clicking here. Jaws never looked so cute.

28th July 2011
A set of 36 gifs from Alien Resurrection I made awhile ago has just been uploaded. This film was considered the worst of the entire Alien saga. Check them all out here.

18th July 2011
If your spider sense is tingling, it's probably because I have added some new Spiderman 3 gifs. Check them all out here. The Spiderman reboot is due soon.

10th July 2011
I've updated the Big Gifs section with 16 new animations from various films. You can scout them all out here. Some of the original source material wasn't the best quality.

2nd July 2011
Nicolas Cage is a real hot-head in the 2007 movie Ghost Rider. Not a popular film at all, but it boasts some very cool effects n stuff. I've uploaded 13 trailer gifs here.

25th June 2011
Howling at the Moon isn't something I do. But I do enjoy a good werewolf movie. Joe Johnston's 2010 take on The Wolfman is ok I guess. Some hairy gifs for you here.

18th June 2011
Time for some sweet gifs from Bee Movie. Jerry Seinfeld never shuts up in this animated film by Dreamworks. It was a fun flick though. Check them out here.

11th June 2011
The movie Ultraviolet is a very underrated little gem of a film. It's always compared to mega-budget blockbusters. Here's a small tribute to this very cool sci-fi flick click.

4th June 2011
I am revisiting the film 300. I don't know why, because there's loads more of other varied content that has to go in. But here they are. I love ancient historical flicks.

28th May 2011
Out of sheer boredom, I created a set of Reno 911: Miami gifs. Don't ask me why I even bothered. An Awful very unfunny movie. But feel free to browse them all here.

21st May 2011
It's time for some female gif power in the Sexy Animations page. We have Kitana, Mileena, and Sonya cosplay models from Mortal Kombat. Check the girls out here.

14th May 2011
Some Killer Instinct 2 gifs are now up. This is the second set in this series of retro videogame updates. Check them all out here. I wish to God they would release KI3.

7th May 2011
Today I would like to give a big shout-out to Jo Blo's Movie Emporium. I have been a happy member of this fantastic site and forum for many years. Here's to many more.

23rd April 2011
A much needed update in the videogame section which includes the first of a series of Killer Instinct gifs. I love this great retro fighting game. You can view them here.

9th April 2011
The first of four large avatar updates. These new avatars include a wide variety of movies from 30 Days of Night through to Daybreakers. You may view them here.

25th March 2011
The new X-Men:First Class movie is shaping up very nicely. It could possibly be my favorite film of the series. In the meantime, checkout a bunch of gifs I made here.

10th March 2011
Sword & Sandal epics are not dead. Not yet anyways. And Immortals by Tarsem Singh proves it. Here are 15 gif animations from his new film due at the end of this year.

25th February 2011
Just uploaded a classic set of 38 Aliens gif animations. Get away from her you bitch! I think everyone remembers that line. You can check them all out by clicking here.

11th February 2011
Bugs! Bugs! And more bugs! The only good bug is a dead bug. Just uploaded a classic set of 34 Starship Troopers gif animations. You can view this set by clicking here.

28th January 2011
There's a bad moon on the rise with 23 new An American Werewolf In London gif animations. You can view this classic John Landis werewolf set by clicking here.

14th January 2011
Today I would like to give a shout out to fellow movie geek, and friend, Tagia. And her very cool movie review journal. You can view this site by clicking the below link.
Da Boomkat Chronicles

1st January 2011
First set of gifs for 2011. We have 7 Yogi Bear gif animations from the real life movie. These are filler gifs only. And you can view this new set by clicking here.

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