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Welcome to the GOTW (gif of the week) animations page for 2010. Click on the thumbnails to view the gifs in a new window. Please allow the animations to fully load. To save the gif, simply right click on it and 'Save Image As...' to your computer.

Spoiler Warning
Viewing any or all of the following gif animations may reveal unwanted spoilers.

These gifs are rated MA for mature viewers only.

Gladiator (gotw #1)

Maximus enters the arena yet again, to face a plethora of fierce bloodthirsty adversaries, while the crowd showers him with rose petals, and chants, Maximus!

The Descent (gotw #2)

In extremely dark and claustrophobic conditons, Sarah, Juno, and the rest of the all girl climbing expedition, panic, and encounter the first creature deep under ground.

Ironman 2 (gotw #3)

Who says carrying your own luggage is a pain in the ass? Ironman once again dons his magnificent suit to take on all of the evil opposition. Tony Stark is Iron Man.

Tron Legacy (gotw #4)

The Tron legacy continues 25 years later. Sam Flynn enters a computerized world full of gladiatorial games while looking for his father. Life and death in a cyber universe.

Despicable Me (gotw #5)

Freeze Ray! Freeze Ray! Freeze Ray! HaHaHaha. Being a super villain isn't easy. Gru uses his handy freeze ray gun to advance the cue and pick up his coffee and donuts.

Jaws (gotw #6)

Chief Martin Brody gets the surprise of his life when chumming off the side of Quint's boat. I can go slow ahead. Come on down and chum some of this crap.

Piranha 3 (gotw #7)

When someone tells you to get out of the water, then you GET out of the water. That is unless you want to be served up as a quick snack to a school of piranhas.

G.I Joe (gotw #8)

Dodging homing missiles is all part of a day's job at Jo's. As our two leading recruits put their new suits to the test. I have got to get me one of these! Make that two.

Knight & Day (gotw #9)

Riding a motorcycle has never been so much fun. As both Roy and his nice pillion, June, find out while being pursued and shot at. Turn around and return fire, girl.

'300' (gotw #10)

King Leonidas makes it very clear what he thinks when given an ultimatum by the Persians. Earth and water. You'll find plenty of both down that well. This is Sparta!

Copout (gotw #11)

Both Jimmy and Paul are cops and they love their jobs. So, giving this douchebag the interrogation treatment proves to be alot of fun for them. But still quite unorthodox.

Harry Potter (gotw #12)

Wizards, Harry Potter and Lord Voldemort, battle it out in the upcoming Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. It's a question of who has the bigger, better wand, I guess.

Citizen Jane (gotw #13)

Michelle Rodriguez is Citizen Jane. This animation was created from the proposed remake/re-imaging of the original Citizen Kane Film. I like Blazing guns and babes.

Event Horizon (gotw #14)

Sam Neil shows Laurence Fishbourne much more than he bargained for in this criminally under-rated sci-fi horror movie. He says; "Let me show you hell!"

Thor (gotw #15)

The powerful but arrogant warrior, Thor, is cast out of the realm of Asgard and sent to live amongst humans on Earth, where he becomes one of their finest defenders.

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