Welcome to the sexy animations page. These gifs are all from movies, television shows, fashion videos, aerobics programs, fetish clips, music clips, video games, commercials, etc. While some are pretty much harmless, others are quite revealing. They contain both nudity and erotic behavior. However, no sexually explicit pornographic material is displayed on this page or anywhere else on this site.

Click on the text links to view the gifs in a new window. Please allow the animations to fully load. To save the gif, simply right click on it and 'Save Image As...' to your computer.

Spoiler Warning
Viewing any or all of the following gif animations may reveal unwanted spoilers.

The below gifs are rated R for nudity, suggestive, sexual behavior.
And they are for adult viewers only.


2-Headed Shark Attack (tan)
300 (4)
Doggy, Ride, Straddle, Thrust
3 Stooges (Pool)
6 Days 7 Nights (3)
Bra, Thong, Topless


Asos Swimwear (6)
Blue, Black-Zip, Pink, Black, White, Blue


Bad Teacher (carwash), Big Bang (dance)


Crocodile Dundee (2) NEW
Thong-1, Thong-2


Dawn Of The Dead (3)
Naked, Recreation, Topless
Dancing (green), Dead Or Alive (bra)


El síndrome de Ulises (el tanga)


Friday The 13th (jetty)


Hall Pass (missy), Harsh Times (sylvia)
Hottie & The Nottie (Bend)


I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry (change)


Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back (4)
Catsuit 1, Catsuit 2, Catsuit 3, Catsuit 4


Latina Model (6)
Adjust, Ass, Latina, Pull, Squeeze, Stretch
Lost Boys 3 (2)
Gwen 1, Gwen 2


MK Cosplay Girls (13)


Ninja Gaiden 2 (ayane)
(version 1, version 2)


Piranha 3DD (3)
Babes, Bounce, Dive


Shorts (3)
Shorts 1, Shorts 2, Shorts 3
Sin City
Goldie, Nancy, Nancy 2
Somavision (cgi girl)
(version 1, version 2)
Spartacus: Blood & Sand (5)
Ilithyia, Love, Maiden, Maidens, Sura
Spirit (4)
Lorelei 1, Lorelei 2, Sand, Saref
Stealth (bikini)


Tamara Drewe (shorts)
Taxi (8)
Lingerie, Squeeze, Squeezing
Squeezed, Squeezer, Strip, Suitcase, Thong


Vampires Suck (bikinis)


Whiteout (strip)
Wisher (4)
Boobs, Change, Ride, Sex


Your Highness (swim)

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