Welcome to the animation recycle bin. These gifs are all rejects and have been discarded from the main site. They are either too old, don't run smoothly. Or there's something else wrong with them. And they are all on display here for no reason except for vanity's sake.

Click on the text links to view the gifs in a new window. Please allow the animations to fully load. To save the gif, simply right click on it and 'Save Image As...' to your computer.

Spoiler Warning
Viewing any or all of the following gif animations may reveal unwanted spoilers.

The below gifs are rated MA for mature viewers only.


13 Assassins (samurai)
6 Days 7 Nights (1, 2)


American Werewolf (6)
Alex, Kids, Throat, Uzi, Stab, Nurse
Azumi (3)
Menu, Swordplay, Test
Aqua Teen Hunger Force (6)
Attack, Attack 2, Frylock
Meatwad, Meatwad 2, Shake


Babylon-AD (2)
(zoom, slow)
Beverly Hills Cop 2 (2)
(elephant, funny)
Blade (22), Blade 2 (24)
Blue Harvest (4)
Cantina, Lightsabre, Tiefighter, Zapped
Brothers Bloom (cards)
Brothers Solomon (spa)
Buffy (chased)
Bug's Life (drunk)


City Of Lost Children (smokes)
Clash Of The Titans (1981) (medusa)
Clash Of The Titans (2010) (zeus)


Dark Knight (pencil)
Dawn Of The Dead (3)
Bite, Driveby, Staked
Dead & Buried (Needle)
Deep Blue Sea (4)
Argue, Birdy, Invert, Snack
Die Hard 4
Grinder, Sniper, Whoops


Enemy At The Gates (sniper)
Eragon (dragon)
Eye (creature)


Fantastic 4-2 (surfer)
Final Destination 3 (exercise)
Friday The 13th (2009) (smily)
Frozen (stuck)


Ghost Rider (8)
Burn, Demons, Drive, Fire, Ride, Shoot, Skull, Wheelie

God Of War 3 (13) NEW
Ascend, Ascend-2, Gaia, Hades, Helios, Hercules, Hermes
Olympians, Poseidon, Rock, Sword, Titan, Vengeance

Gladiator (entertain)


Halo 3 (trailer)
Hills Have Eyes 2 (impale, wave)
Hottie & The Nottie (nerd)
House Of Wax (2005) (slice)


In Bruges (phone)
Indiana Jones IV (jeep)
It Came From Beneath The Sea (tentacle)


Jay & Bob (girls)
Jason & The Argonauts (1963) (gods)
Jaws (boat)
Jesse James (shoot)
Jumper (3)
Agents, Bus, Battle


King Kong (building)
Kung Fu Panda (3)
Practice, Lazy, Dance


Lady GaGa (hai, grind, rub)
Draw, Attack, Fall, Rise, Fire, Retreat
Roar, Balrog, Sword, Whip, Pass, Gandalf
LXG (vampire)


Mad Max 2 (boomerang)
Matrix Reloaded (fight)
Max Payne (shoot) (shout)
Mongol (kahn)
MK9 (fatality)
My Super Ex Girlfriend (3)
Shower, Laser, Ceiling


Planet 51 (alien)
Predator (12)


Psycho 2 (shovel)
Punisher (execute)


RE: Afterlife (sunglasses)
Righteous Kill (Rooster) (Turk)
Robin Hood (2010) (outlaw)


Scanners (eyeballs, explode)
Sea Monsters (mosasaur)
Session 9 (profanity)
Severance (revenge)
Shameus (warrior)
Sherlock (lighter)
Slipknot Avatars (12)
(1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12)
Slither (2)
Freak, Tantrum
Surrogates (passengers)


Terminator 3 (9)
Graveyard, Gunfight, Impale, Pump
Rocket, Skynet, Talk, Terminated, Terminators
Total Recall (6)
Arnie 1, Arnie 2, Arnie 3, Arnie 4, Arnie 5, Skeleton
True Blood (arm)


Ultraviolet (5)
Fight, Grab, Guards, Kickass, Mental


Vertical Limit (5)
Boom, Drop, Jump, Tea, Wipeout


Watchmen (8)
Buzzsaw, Cleaved, Kitchen, Rorschack
Rorschack 2, Blueman, Blueman 2, Morph
Wanted (bullet)
Waterhorse (surprise, stairs )


Yes Man (microphone)

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