Below is a set of 25 Mortal Kombat sprite gif animations that I made when I was heavily into this gaming series a few years ago. They feature various MK and non-MK gaming sprites. Please do not steal these and claim that you made them. Download them, show them to others. But please give credit to their author.

Click on the thumbnails to view the gifs in a new window. Please allow the animations to fully load. To save the gif, simply right click on it and 'Save Image As...' to your computer.

Spoiler Warning
Viewing any or all of the following gif animations may reveal unwanted spoilers.

This set is rated MA for mature viewers only.

"There Is No Knowledge That Is Not Power"

Cooking With Kabal

Chun Li Vs Kitana

Subzero vs Iceman


Raiden Vs Stryker

Stryker Gangbang

Abyss Vs Baby Cage

Akuma Vs Ermac


Chun Li Vs Liu Kang

Cyber-Akuma vs Kano

Cyborg Zero Vs Noob Cyborg

Ermac vs Big Mac

Ermac vs Reptile

Jax vs Baraka

Joe vs Kitana

Ken-Ryu vs Raiden

Pyron vs Scorpion

Sindel Kicks Baby

Thanos vs Sheeva

Raiden Vs Blanka

Finish Him


Liu Kebab

Blackheart Vs Scorpion

(click here to view background image)


God of War said...

Since I dabbled in sprite animations a couple of years back with these fakes, I have learned a great deal more about this style of work. And although they're not my favorite kind of gifs to create due to the tedious and time consuming demands they present, they're probably the most satisfying at the end of the day.

Mario Leonidas Saravia said...

These are fantastic dude!. I love the hamburger gifs and the ones where Stryker is the victim xD.

God of War said...

Thanks, dude. Yeah, Stryker is great to victimize in fakes.


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