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Viewing Gifs
Left click on the thumbnails to view the gifs in a new popup window. Please allow the animations to fully load. To save the gif, simply right click on it and save 'Save Image As...' to your computer. For basic information (dimensions, file size etc) about each of the animations, simply right click and select file properties.

Gif Ratings
Each and every page on this blog with animations will have a rating pertaining to that particular set of gifs. Please pay careful attention to these ratings as they are there to guide you in your viewing. Also take note that there is no pornographic imagery whatsoever on this blog. And I will not make any gifs of this nature for anyone or for any reason. And none will be posted on this blog. So please don't make any such requests, as they will be ignored.

Gif File Size
Gif file sizes too big for you? There's a fine line between quality and quantity where gifs are concerned. The higher the compression, the lesser the quality and the smaller the gif you will receive. The less compression you use, the greater the quality and a larger gif you will receive. More is less and vica-versa. Unfortunately you can't have both at the same time. So, I try and strike a happy medium.
Dialup users please be aware of lengthy loading times.

Gif History
Click on the following link for all information relevant to gifs. And you thought that the humble little gif was simple. It is and it isn't. Click here for extensive relevant information -> Gifs

Spoiler Warning
To click or not to click. That is the question. Viewing any or all of the gif animations within this site/blog may provide potentially unwanted spoilers. You have been warned. So, please don't email that I have spoiled a movie for you due to you clicking on my gifs.

Internet Browser
Are your gifs running in slow motion? All animations on this Blog/site are best viewed with Mozilla Firefox which can be downloaded for free at the following link Mozilla Firefox. Using Internet Explorer to display your gifs will slow them down to an improper frame rate. And they will appear abnormally slow and choppy. All animations on this blog are created at the correct frame rate. Remember if they appear too slow or fast, it's your browser and its settings, not the actual gif itself.

All gif animations found on Movie Gifs Net remain the sole property of me. I made them, and they are very time consuming to produce. However, please feel free to share and link your friends to them and this site/blog. Just please remember to give credit where credit is due. These gifs were made with legally purchased and free software and are for display purposes only.

Remember that all material contained within these animations remain the sole property of their rightful and respective studios, entities and companies. They are the owners of the film, television and video gaming properties and their respective organisations. Absolutely no piracy, illegal movie duplication and/or distributing has been involved whatsoever in the creation of this site/blog, and all of its content.

Image Hosting
All of my gif animations, banners, icons and all other images are hosted for free by TinyPic, ImageShack and PicPanda.Thank you TinyPic, ImageShack and PicPanda.

Broken Links
Please report any broken links or images to my email below. And any animation requests can also be made at the below email address. Thank you.

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